Do you take group shots?

While I think the best photos come from mingling with guests and capturing genuine moments, I know that it's good to have a few group formal shots too. It's best to keep the groups small for these, otherwise you'll spend your whole day waiting for Uncle Bob. I'll aim to get these done as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying yourselves.

What if I hate having my photo taken?

Don't worry, so do I! That's why my approach is to blend in and leave you to enjoy yourself. If you're really worried then we can always meet for a couples shoot to get some of the nerves out of the way in advance.

Will you need much information from us before the day?

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is shepherding the photographer, so I make sure I know what's going to be happening when well in advance. I'd suggest meeting up a few weeks before the day to get final timings in order.

What happens if your gear breaks?

I use some great professional equipment from Canon that's built like a tank; but just in case, I carry a spare camera and plenty of batteries and memory cards. And I shoot onto two memory cards at the same time, so if one were to have a problem they're already backed up.

What about if you're ill on the day?

If I'm unfortunately unable to photograph your wedding due to illness (I'd have to be REALLY ill), I will do my utmost to find a replacement photographer for you at no extra cost.

How does the copyright work?

While I own the copyright on the photos that I take, you will be licensed to use them unrestricted for whatever you want, except commercial use. I just ask that you include a link to my page if you post them on social media.

Will you airbrush my photos?

My aim is to capture your day as it happened. After all, the unplanned moments are often the most memorable! So I don't generally alter or photoshop your images.

Do your prices include VAT?

My services are not subject to VAT.

Do you shoot in colour or black & white?

I take all photographs in full colour. After the wedding is over, I go over all images, colour correct them, and only then consider converting to black & white.

Do you use digital or film cameras?

Digital. I love shooting with 35mm film, but the number one priority for weddings is making sure I get the shot. Film is fragile, needs to be looked after, and one mistake could mean losing a whole roll. When I shoot digital, I use two SD cards so there's a backup as soon as I've taken the shot, and I backup whenever I can to make sure nothing bad happens.

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I enjoy good coffee, cycling, and derive most of my life philosophy from the Armando Iannucci Shows. I married my wife Alice in 2015, and can highly recommend this whole marriage lark!

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I'm an alternative to the clichéd, posed, wedding photography that you get bombarded with at wedding fairs. Unlimited coverage, informal photography, celebrating what's unique about you. I'm all about the informal candid shots of people having the best day of their lives: lots of genuine laughs, maybe some tears, and definitely some partying!

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