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Relaxed Documentary Wedding Photography

Weddings are about people.

They're a time for all your friends, family and loved ones to get together and celebrate. Everything I do is based around keeping things relaxed, unintrusive and letting you get on with enjoying yourself.

I think wedding photography should be relaxed, informal and fun. I'm not there to tell you you're doing it wrong and to set rules, or to wheel out a load of old clichés and awkward poses. Shots of shoes stacked on each other nestled in a wreath on a dove's back aren't my thing. If it didn't happen, why would you want a photo of it?

So, how will it work if you book me as your wedding photographer?

Relaxed Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - Tom Hosking

On the day

I do my absolute best to avoid intruding on your day. I'm not going to boss you around, tell you you're doing it wrong, or take you away from your guests mid conversation.

I like to blend in as one of the guests - I'm often seen chatting with friends and family, giving last minute speech advice and jumping around on the dancefloor. This lets everyone stay relaxed around me, and means I can tap in to the energy and flow of the day, and capture all those little moments that add up.

Meeting beforehand

I like to meet up before you book me - we can get to know each other, and check that we'll get on during the day. One of the best parts of my job is getting to know new people and dipping into their lives for a short while.

Once you've confirmed your booking, I like to meet up again a few weeks before the wedding day itself. This way I can go through the schedule and work out exactly where you'll be and when so I can anticipate all the important stuff. I make sure I find out as much as I can, so that on the day itself I can leave you to enjoy yourselves without me nagging you every five minutes.

 Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - Tom Hosking

All day means all day

I only offer one package - all day.

I normally arrive a few hours before the ceremony to set the scene and allow you to get used to me being there, and I'll stay as long as the party is rockin'. Having fireworks at the end of the night? No problem.

Unlimited coverage means unlimited coverage. I've been hoisted in the air by guests during the last song, and once lost my keys on the dancefloor!

Getting ready

Spending a couple of hours with you while you get ready in the morning isn't just about the photos. Sure, there are often some really emotional moments shared between family that I can keep an eye out for.

It also lets you get used to me being there, so that when you walk down the aisle you're not distracted by that random guy with a camera (me).

Relaxed Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - Tom Hosking

Group shots & portraits

Let's be honest, group shots aren't the best bit of the day.

They're a really nice thing to be able to send granny for her mantelpiece though, so I get that it's worth doing a handful. With that in mind I make sure they don't take too long, so you can get back to the party. And no cringey posing involved!

The day will go past in a flash, so it's nice to take 15 minutes and sneak away from all the craziness for some proper couple time. This is also a great opportunity to take some more intimate portraits of just the two of you.

Keeping it fresh

I only do a limited number of weddings each year. Your wedding is special to you, and I want to be excited for each one I do. Limiting the number of bookings I take each year keeps me on my toes, and allows me to put all of my effort into making some awesome photos for you.

Recent weddings

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The end result

So all that planning is done, you've been fiddling with the ring on your finger for a couple of days, what now?

I aim to get a small selection of highlights to you within a day or two, so that you have something to keep you going through your honeymoon. Then I brew up a few buckets of coffee, and go through all the photos myself, colour correcting and adding some extra punch to the colours. Usually within 4 weeks of your wedding, you'll get an email with a link to an online gallery, where you can download all of your photos. No watermarks, no limits on printing - they're your photos after all!

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I enjoy good coffee, cycling, and derive most of my life philosophy from the Armando Iannucci Shows. I married my wife Alice in 2015, and can highly recommend this whole marriage lark!

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I'm an alternative to the clichéd, posed, wedding photography that you get bombarded with at wedding fairs. Unlimited coverage, informal photography, celebrating what's unique about you. I'm all about the informal candid shots of people having the best day of their lives: lots of genuine laughs, maybe some tears, and definitely some partying!

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