What's in my bag?

People often ask me what gear I take with me to a wedding. What camera? How many megapixels? Where do you keep backups? What's your favourite snack?

Before you ask, I'm afraid Willow the Cat doesn't come with me on wedding days. She's too busy chasing air and sleeping 23 hours each day.

Although fancy kit doesn't magically make good photos, it does matter that the equipment I use is reliable and that I have everything I need to cover any eventuality. I use professional Canon equipment, that works really well in the low light conditions that are normal at wedding venues.

The Cameras

Wedding photography gear

Canon 5D Mk III - This is my go-to camera body for weddings. It's built like a tank and works a treat in low light.

Canon 7D Mk II - Firing off 10 frames a second, the 7D is my top choice for sports events. And it makes a great second camera for weddings, acting as my main backup and allowing me to use different lenses at the same time.

Canon 33V - A 15 year old film camera, the 33V doesn't normally come with me to a wedding. But it's great fun to use on other projects, and only having 36 frames on each roll definitely focusses the mind!

These cameras are all secured around my wrist with custom Bravestraps, made from military grade paracord. If I get a bit excited and drop something then it won't get far.

The Lenses

Wedding photography gear

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Mk II - A classic wedding and photojournalism lens. The zoom range is ideal for getting close to the action, and gives me the flexibility to get the shot when something interesting happens on the day. It basically stays attached to my 5D the whole time.

Canon 50mm f2.8 Mk II - This is a really underrated lens; it's surprisingly cheap for how good it is, and while it's not quite as fast as the f1.2 L version it's much smaller and much lighter. And that helps me sneak around without getting noticed...

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Mk II - An amazing lens for sport, this is really useful for situations where I can't get as close to the action as I'd like.

Canon 10-18mm - Yes, 10mm! This is almost a fisheye lens, and helps me capture cool super-wide angle images of venues, churches and big crowds.

The Big Bag

Wedding photography gear
Wedding photography gear

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW - I use this to get all my kit to and from the venue. It's a great bag, really comfortable (I lugged a full set of camera kit up the Himalayas in it) with plenty of room for everything plus a sandwich in the top. Uniquely, it opens from the back rather than the front, so that you don't get mud all over you clothes when you put it down somewhere a bit soggy.

The Small Bag

Wedding photography gear
Wedding photography gear
Wedding photography gear
Wedding photography gear

This little beauty was custom made for me by Will Hirst. I use it to carry an extra lens round with me during the day, plus extra cards and batteries. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and I absolutely love the tweed lining!

Bits and bobs

Wedding photography gear

I bring enough batteries with me to last... a very long time. And enough cards that I definitely definitely won't run out of space. Plus, I shoot onto two cards at the same time, so there's a backup of every photo the moment it's been taken. And you never know when you might need some tape...

Not shown are a full set of flashes and stands to mount them on. I use S-type speedlite mounts, which are much easier to use and more stable than hot shoe mounts. There's also a remote trigger, useful for first dances. Plus a full set of colour correction gels to match up different light sources.

Last but not least, I bring plenty of water and a few snacks to get me through the day. Malt loaf is incredible stuff.

Like what you see?

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