Wedding Photography Albums and Books

Digital is great for sharing your photos with your friends and family, and for posting on social media.

But to really enjoy them in the years to come, there's nothing like making a big pot of tea and snuggling up on the sofa with an album. Long after USB drives have become obsolete and Instagram has been replaced by the latest thing, a physical album will still be going strong.

The Fine Art albums really are a thing of beauty. Printed on top quality super-thick archival paper and wrapped in leather or cotton, these are the real deal. They even smell amazing.

I appreciate that weddings are a big hit to the wallet, so I also offer a more accessible Photobook. These are bound in linen, use paper that's a bit thinner, and aren't flatlay - but they still look great.


{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking
{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking
{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking

Fine Art Album

{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking
{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking
{category} Wedding Photographer in  - Tom Hosking

£200 for 20 spreads

Extra spreads at £10 each


145gsm paper

Linen cover

£600 for 20 spreads

Extra spreads at £15 each

12" x 12"

650gsm paper

Cotton or leather cover

Flatlay pages

How to order

If you want to order an album, just get in touch. If you'd like to see some sample albums in the flesh we can meet for a beer and catch up - I'd love to see your honeymoon pics!

You can pick the photos you'd like in the album directly from your web gallery - just create a favourites list and add in the ones you'd like me to include. Then I'll put together a layout for you to check over and approve before I send it off.

As a rough guide, you can fit about 60 photos total in a photobook, and closer to 40 in the fine art albums. You can always adjust the layout or add more spreads to fit more.

Fine Art Album cover options

Pewter - Leather

Dusk - Leather

Graphite - Leather

Nut Brown - Leather

Carbon - Cotton

Pebble - Cotton

Denim - Cotton

Ketchup - Cotton

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I enjoy good coffee, cycling, and derive most of my life philosophy from the Armando Iannucci Shows. I married my wife Alice in 2015, and can highly recommend this whole marriage lark!

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I'm an alternative to the clichéd, posed, wedding photography that you get bombarded with at wedding fairs. Unlimited coverage, informal photography, celebrating what's unique about you. I'm all about the informal candid shots of people having the best day of their lives: lots of genuine laughs, maybe some tears, and definitely some partying!

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If this sounds like your cup of tea or if you have any questions at all, get in touch and let's meet for a beer and a chat!

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