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I'm Tom, a relaxed wedding photographer based in Crouch End, North London, covering the UK and beyond. I love capturing moments of people being awesome, and where better to do that than weddings!

I enjoy good coffee, have been known to do a bit of running, and derive most of my life philosophy from the Armando Iannucci Shows. I married my wife Alice in 2015, and can highly recommend this whole marriage lark!

Outside of weddings, I love to hone my skills shooting people doing what they love, whether it's sports or street/travel photography. And whenever I get new kit I always test it out with a photo of our two cats, Buffy and Willow...

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People, not Pinterest

Relaxed Wedding Photographer North London - Tom Hosking

My approach could be described as documentary, candid, reportage, journalistic or any other bit of jargon that's in favour that week. What it actually means is that it's my job to capture the real story of your wedding, full of excitement, nerves, laughter, tears and dancing.

A good photo should always tell you something - whether it shows you how much fun your guests had, or reminds you of that brief moment of calm you had together after the ceremony.

I want to offer an alternative to the pink, posed, just-for-Pinterest wedding photography that you get bombarded with at wedding fairs. You crack on with having a really fun day, I'll make sure I'm there to capture it how it actually happened.

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Posing-free zone

I love being part of the little moments of emotion that people show in the world around me. It's what makes me grin with excitement when I snap someone mid laugh, and when I start leaking.

It's easy to get caught up by the wedding industry - magazines, fairs, pinterest, all telling you need to buy this and hire that.

Ultimately I think it's important to remember what a wedding is: a time for you to celebrate your relationship with your friends and family. It's about you, but it's also about your guests and celebrating together with them. And that's what I think your photos should remind you of when you dust off that album in years to come.

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Relaxed Wedding Photographer North London - Tom Hosking

If this sounds like your cup of tea or if you have any questions at all, get in touch and let's meet for a beer and a chat!